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VMS D Series

-D Series
DP10-8B, DP16-10B, DP16-12B

Variable Message Sign Board (SMD+LOB / SMD Technology)

We specialize in crafting state-of-the-art Variable Message Signs (VMS) available in both single Amber and full-color options. What sets us apart is our ability to tailor these signs to meet specific client dimensions and requirements. Our VMS units are equipped with high-intensity SMD LEDs, ensuring exceptional brightness, and come packed with advanced features, making them the ideal choice. The variable message sign is like a helpful messenger for people on highways. It gives quick alerts about sudden traffic changes, road conditions, emergencies, or special events. Using VMS on roads not only helps traffic move smoothly but also keeps everyone safe, including drivers and passengers. These signs are super bright and easy to read. They can do lots of jobs, like showing lane closures, guiding in construction zones, or even helping in parking lots.
With different colors and sizes, these signs are really good at getting safety messages across to road users. They’re like a versatile team ready to keep everyone informed and safe on the road.

-Product Feature
Smart Light Control: With our special Lens on Board (LOB) technology, we can control the light in just the right direction. This means less light waste and pollution.

Super Energy Saver: Our D series LOB display is a real energy champ. Compared to regular outdoor LED screens, it can cut your power bill by up to 80%.
Extra Safe Power Supply: Our top-notch secondary power supply tech keeps things running smoothly. It ensures the screen operates on low voltage, which is safer and more reliable.
Simplified Maintenance: We’ve made things easier for you. Our power and signal cables are rolled into one, making upkeep a breeze. It’s an added layer of convenience for your operations.

VMS C Series

1. Continuous Diagnosis: Embedded systems in LOB can constantly scan for issues and notify the central system if anything is amiss.
2. Seamless Monitoring: Our proprietary central management system, created by Softstar’s dedicated R&D team, keeps a close eye on VMS, ensuring smooth operation.
3. Optical Excellence: The LED optical system in LOB meets the accurate EN12966 standards, guaranteeing top-notch optical performance.
4. Precision Lighting: LOB allows precise projection of LED light to exactly where it’s needed, minimizing wasted illumination.
5. Flexible Pixel Pitch: Choose from a wide range of pixel pitch options, ranging from 12mm to 31.25mm, to suit any application.
6. Reliable SMD LED Technology: LOB relies on dependable SMD LED technology, ensuring longterm reliability.
7. Easy Maintenance: Its modular design simplifies maintenance, making it hassle-free.
8. Brightness Control: Integrated light sensors enable automatic brightness adjustment, optimizing
9. Temperature Monitoring: LOB includes a temperature sensor that triggers the fan if the inner cabinet temperature rises, preventing overheating.
10. User-Friendly Programming: LOB is user-friendly, with simple programming and advanced functions for users to explore.

VMS T Series

1. SMD LED Technology for Unparalleled Reliability: With SMD LED technology, our displays offer a level of dependability that sets them apart, ensuring consistent performance over time.
2. Modular Design for Effortless Maintenance: Designed with a modular approach, our displays are engineered for easy upkeep, minimizing downtime and hassle during maintenance.
3. Integrated Sensors for Adaptive Performance: Equipped with advanced sensors, our displays automatically adjust to varying conditions. This includes temperature and brightness detection, and optimizing performance in any environment.
4. Softstar’s Exclusive Ball-Shaped Lens Composition: We’ve harnessed patented technology with a unique spherical lens design. This significantly reduces sunlight reflection, ensuring a high optical contrast ratio for sharper, clearer images.
5. Exquisite Color Management for Superior Display Quality: Employing sophisticated color management techniques, our displays deliver exceptional visual quality, bringing out vibrant and accurate colors.
6. Embedded Diagnostic System for Proactive Monitoring: Our embedded system is like a watchful eye, continuously checking for any irregularities and promptly reporting them to the central system.
7. Central Management System Developed Independently: Our central management system is a product of Softstar’s dedicated R&D team, offering a specialized and self-contained solution for monitoring and managing Variable Message Signs (VMS).

Image Control
1. High luminance ratio of LED module: Through the incorporation of ball-shaped optical lenses in our module design, Softstar achieves a superior luminance ratio. This innovative approach minimizes sun glare, resulting in highly visible images on the Variable Message Signs (VMS). Even
under low brightness and with reduced power consumption, VMS can achieve an impressive luminance ratio classified as R3.
2. Unique rear design and better heat dissipation in VMS: Our VMS features a one-of-a-kind rear design that facilitates rapid and enhanced heat dissipation. This ensures that heat generated by the electronic components on the circuit boards is efficiently released into the surrounding environment. This exceptional thermal stability and adaptability to varying environmental conditions are complemented by a high IPlevel, guaranteeing reliable performance.

VMS S Series

We specialize in crafting cutting-edge Variable Message Signs (VMS) available in both single Amber and full-color options. Our signs are also customizable to fit the specific dimensions our clients need. Equipped with high-brightness SMD LEDs, they ensure excellent visibility and come with a range of advanced
features for enhanced functionality.



  • Pixels P10 and P6 SMD full color
  • SMPS failure monitoring
  • Smoke or burn monitoring
  • Cable failure detection
  • VMS temperature status
  • Humidity status
  • FAN status
  • Door open and close status
  • LED Cluster failure
  • Brightness controlling
  • Controller failure status
  • Image, text, and Video display


  • Clock and digital time display
  • Weather monitoring display via cloud concavity
  • Internal memory for offline messages
  • Lane, wi-fi, 4G connectivity
  • MS, GI, and Aluminium body
  • Brightness 5000 – 6500 cd/m2
  • IP Protection
  • Surge protection
  • BIS, EN certified


Softstar ITS is fast growing start-up in ITS and smartcity solutions, We are stabilised since 2016. we have own developed
solutions with make in India mission. Our key to develop products and solutions is quality with advance technology


  • Pixels S, D, C Series (P10,P16,P25)
  • Screen size 1650mm x 1000mm, 2000mm x 1000
    mm (customization available)
  • Screen Move with 90 degree with fixed hight
  • Strong Trolly structure
  • Fully Solar powered Portable VMS
  • Easy to move trolly
  • Brightness controlling