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Emergency Calling Box

Certainly! An Emergency Calling Box (ECB) is a critical safety feature installed along highways and in smart city environments to provide immediate access to emergency services. It acts as a direct communication link for individuals in need of urgent assistance.

Our ECB solution operates seamlessly on both fiber and GSM networks. Tailored for highway use, our emergency calling
system boasts a user-friendly interface with a single-button operation, enabling full duplex calling. Additionally, it incorporates auto ECO cancellation for enhanced clarity during calls.

ECB Plus+

Our  ECB  Plus is millstone in highway medic al safety, It have in the inbuild First aid Box facility that is controlled by control room (remotely ) . It designed for Highway, to put maximum information on itself to guild user on highway. Like
important next stoppage from the location. It have Blue blinker on the top of ECB to show emergency facility. It have LED flashlight to make more visible to ECB. Available on both Fiber and GSM network.

Functions and features:
1. Medical Fist Aid service: Our ECB Plus solution provide First Aid facility box that will be control via control room.
2. Information Display: Our ECB have Emergency facility Display solution. That indicate emergency facilities (police station, Hospital, Toll plaza, Food point, petrol pump) distance from the ECB location.
3. Video calling: Our ECB have Video calling solution form the top of the ECB body (optional).
4. Light LED: it has LED 3W LED light on ECB to make more visible to ECB.
5. Anti-theft provision: its single pole design that have battery inside of the pole on the topside.
6. Available in GSM and Fiber Network.

Fiber-Based Master and Slave Calling Solution (ECB VF002MS)

Introducing the VF002MS ECB, a specialized fiber-based emergency calling solution tailored for highways. This system operates on a fiber-based network and offers both master and slave units. It includes features like single-button operation for full duplex calling, and automatic ECO cancellation, and is IP-based for seamless connectivity


  • Efficient Power Usage
  • Crystal-Clear Voice Clarity
  • Simultaneous Two-Way Communication
  • Automatic Environmental Noise Reduction
  • Temper Anomaly Alert
  • Effortless Single-Button Dialling
  • Call Status Notification
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Master-Slave Pairing and Standalone Master Functionality
  • Customizable Sound Levels
  • Powered by 12v DC
  • Hands-Free
  • Communication

GSM-Based Master ECB (ECB VG002M)

We provide an ECB solution optimized for GSM networks, meticulously designed for highway use. This system is equipped with features such as single-button full duplex calling and auto ECO cancellation, ensuring efficient and clear communication during emergencies.


  • Efficient Energy Usage
  • Automatic Network Detection
  • Crystal-Clear Voice Clarity
  • Simultaneous Two-Way Communication
  • Automated Environmental Noise Reduction
  • Effortless Single-Button Dialing
  • Call Status Notification
  • Customizable Sound Levels
  • Operates on 12v DC
  • Hands-Free Communication
  • Optimized for GSM Network
  • Supports Single SIM and Dual SIM configurations
  • Battery status
  • Solar, temper status.