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Fixed UHF RFID Reader



To achieve maximum visibility and efficiency in your most rugged environments, your business needs an RFID reader that can keep up with the high volume and wide variety of pallets, cases and tagged items that go in, out and through your warehouse and dock doors each day. The Zebra FX9600 Fixed UHF RFID Reader delivers the performance and features you need to handle it all. With support for Power over Ethernet, IP53 sealing and up to eight RF ports, the FX9600 brings a new level of cost efficiency to passive UHF asset tracking and inventory management, without compromising on performance. Industry-leading read rates, long read ranges and exceptional RF sensitivity ensure you can automate inventory management — from receiving and putaway to picking and shipping — without errors and without bottlenecks. The result? Increased efficiency and accuracy every time your inventory is touched, reduced labor costs and the delivery of the right product to the right customer, on time, every time. When you need industry-best RFID performance, the FX9600 delivers.


The faster and more accurately you can receive, inventory, pick and ship, the more efficient and profitable your operation can be. The FX9600’s eight highly sensitive monostatic RF ports provide the exceptionally high RF sensitivity required to deliver the greatest accuracy and longer read ranges. The result is the highest throughput in this class — even in the densest RF environments with challenging materials, such as metal or liquids

1.Most power in its class
With a best-in-class processor and expanded memory, the FX9600 offers the power needed to support very high traffic throughput and sophisticated software applications

UNRIVALED DEPLOYMENT SIMPLICITY The FX9600 can host embedded applications, so data can be parsed directly on the reader. Since data is processed in real time at the network edge, the amount of data transmitted to your backend servers is substantially reduced, increasing network bandwidth and improving network performance. Latencies are reduced, improving application performance. And the integration of data into a wide variety of middleware applications is simplified, reducing deployment time and cost.

1.Easy, low-cost deployment with support for PoE and PoE+
Eliminate the time and cost required to run power drops to each reader with support for PoE (802.3af) or PoE+ (802.3at). And either PoE+ or a 24V power supply provide industry-best full output power, eliminating the loss of power due to long cable runs and connectors. You get maximum tag reads, maximum read ranges and the maximum RFID performance required to get coverage you need with fewer readers.

2.Directly connect to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth-enabled devices
The FX9600 supports a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle for direct wireless connectivity to your Wi-Fi network, as well as Bluetooth-enabled computers and other devices. There’s no need for hard-wired connections to the access point.


1.Rugged design for tough environments 
An extremely durable diecast aluminum housing and IP53 sealing deliver the durability you need to ensure uptime — even in damp, dusty work areas, extreme heat or subzero temperatures.
2.More read points per reader
In addition to a four-port model, the FX9600 comes in an eight-port model, enabling you to cover more dock doors and portals with fewer readers — significantly lowering your initial investment, as well as deployment and management time and costs.

3.Get the most out of your RFID investment — from the leader in RFID 
Zebra has more fixed, handheld and portal RFID systems installed than any other RFID provider, giving you the peace of mind that comes from choosing RFID products that are well-tested in practically every industry — and in some of the world’s largest companies. And with over 300 RFID technology patents that have allowed us to deliver many industry firsts, you can count on our best-in-class advanced technologies to maximize the performance of your RFID solution.

Dimensions 10.75 in. L x 7.25 in. W x 2.0 in. D 27.3 cm L x 18.4 cm W x 5 cm D
Weight Approx. 4.4 lbs/2.13 kg
Housing Material Die-cast aluminum, meets IP53 standards
Visual Status Indicators Multicolor LEDs: Power, Activity, Status and Applications
Max Receive Sensitivity -86 dBm monostatic
Air Protocols ISO 18000-63 (EPC Class 1 Gen 2 V2)
Frequency (UHF Band) Global Reader: 902 MHz – 928 MHz (Also supports countries that use a part of this band), 865 MHZ – 868 MHz US (only) Reader: 902 – 928 MHz
Transmit Power Output 0 dBm to +33 dBm (POE+ 802.3at, Universal 24V DC Power Supply) 0 dBm to +31.5 dBm (POE 802.3af)
Communications 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (RJ45); USB Host & Client (Type A & B); Serial (DB9)
General Purpose I/O 4 inputs, 4 outputs, optically isolated (Terminal Block)
Power Supply POE (802.3af) POE+ (802.3at) +24V DC
POE (802.3af) POE+ (802.3at) +24V DC FX9600-4: 4 monostatic ports; (Reverse Polarity TNC) FX9600-8: 8 monostatic ports; (Reverse Polarity TNC)
Kathrein Reader

Key points to note for Kathrein offering

  1. Reader & Antenna are IP67 rated, these are designed & tested to install in outdoor environment and there is no need of any enclosure for reader/antenna
  2. Reader & Antenna are well tested under high temperature environment, No performance degradation in high temperature upto 55 to 40 degrees.
  3. Offered Antenna is specially designed & Tested for Toll Gate requirements, this is best suited antenna for Toll lanes.
  4. Reader & Antenna are German made quality so We are offering 3 year product warranty on our Reader & Antenna.



Size 290mm×290mm×55mm
Weight 600g
Housing Material Aluminum+Engineering plasticlass
Protection level IP66
Frequency 918-920MHz
Gain 9 dBi
“H”beam angle 70°
“E” beam angle 70°
Front-back ≥20dB
Polarization Right Circular or Left Circular
Impedance 50(Ω)
VSWR <1.3:1
Maximum Input Power 100W
Connector SMA- male or Customizable
IM.3rd Order(2x43dBm) <-150dBc
Lightning Protection DC to ground
Working Temperature: -30- +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40 – +85°C
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa~108kPa
Relative Humidity: 5%-95%RH no condensing