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This document contains the quick overview of ATMS+ application. The ATMS+ application is developed by Soft Star ITS Pvt. Ltd to manage the HTMS equipment. The key functionality, actions and reports are hereby explained with appropriate snapshots.


ATMS+ offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring, control and exploitation of highway stretch, providing a number of tools that facilitate and optimize the exploitation of resources on the road, as well as integrating different subsystems of traffic management through modules of software that make possible the communication with external systems.
AMTS+ is a web based application which has been developed with advanced level device integration to prepare the real time alerts and apply the actions quickly. ATMS+ uses the best network security for access.



  • Device integration on Live Map
  • Intelligent self action controlling
  • Device Observation and Actions
  • Easy Customization according requirements
  • Fault and Task management
  • Operator and group management