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Advertising Screen


We are into an Indoor and Outdoor LED SMD Ultra High Definition screens with different sizes portfolio business. Screen resolution, sharpness and brightness are very impressive and high. Full UHD resolution and with best effective software support. Quality is our prime and most important concern to deliver to our clients on time. We make customize requirement also in Led Screen. We have a good range both in fix and rental Led screen applications.

The Lifetime of a SMD LED screen is 1,00,000 hours which are more than 10 years with a use of 24/24 hours and more than 15 years with a use of 16 hours per day.*

  • Outdoor full color display in the combination of Red, Blue and Green colors in a compact way into a pixel, evenly distributed on the display that is unit board composed.
  • The product with high brightness and can be adjusted in a variety of complex environments the work around the clock.
  • Whether the tiny text, image as well as videos have clear and real display effects.
  • Easy to maintain, enabling a single point of light maintenance, relatively low maintenance costs.
  • High technology of SMD completely solves the problem of high density of heat dissipation.
  • Module designs make it convenient to assemble and also ensure that the cabinets are nice and uniform looking.